Relationship Coaching.

Successfully transform your relationship from broken and distant to peaceful and connected again by following the same proven pathway as thousands of other women around the world.

This pathway has been built with your relationship success in mind. If you are at the start of your journey, I highly recommend beginning with the Free Webinar ‘How to Get Respect, Reconnect & Revive Your Love Life’…However, if you would like to start straight away with one-on-one coaching please feel free to book a relationship assessment.

Free Webinar

'How to Get Respect, Reconnect & Revive Your Love Life'

You’re here because you’re ready for change in your relationship and you’re not quite sure what to do. Maybe your relationship has lost it’s spark and you don’t know how to get it back.. Or maybe it’s completely broken down and you are at breaking point… No matter where you are at, there is hope! Listen to this incredibly insightful webinar that’s going to equip you with some easy skills that will immediately start to bring back peace, love and connection.  You are going to learn about how to stop working hard on your relationship and gain tools to make things feel way easier…. 

Empowered Wife Workshop

The Empowered Wife Workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the Six Intimacy Skills™ first hand in your marriage or relationship. 

Through using these proven skills you are going to see some miraculous changes for the better…. I have created this online workshop so you can complete it in your own time, privately, at your own pace. Receive a new session every week and learn new skills you can start experimenting with. Powerful and easy homework tasks are provided!

The EW Workshop normally costs $349, but if you register and listen to my Free Webinar above you will be eligible for a $200 DISCOUNT, making it just $149!


After completing the 4 Week Empowered Wife Workshop you will have seen how the Six Intimacy Skills™ can change your relationship. You’ll want to know how you can truly work them into your life. Now is the time for a Relationship Assessment where we will dive deep into where you’re currently at in your relationship, what you would like to achieve and what is holding you back. Coach Angela will present a personalised coaching programme that will enable you to transform your relationship, bringing love, respect, fun and intimacy back into your life. 

A Relationship Assessment normally costs $149, but if you complete the Empowered Wife Workshop above you will be offered one COMPLIMENTARY!

One On One Coaching Programme

5 Sessions One-On-One Coaching Programme

Invest in the two most important things in your life – yourself and your relationship by investing in my high quality 0ne-on-One Coaching sessions, where I will exclusively work with you to implement The Six Intimacy Skills in your life and relationship.  You are going to restore the love, peace and connection in your relationship and become more happier and fulfilled in yourself.  Join my monthly group coaching calls in ‘The Empowered Women in Marriage’ Group, where you will receive the support and inspiration of a community of women who place their relationships as a top priority in their lives. 

Price is NZD$659. Book a relationship assessment today!

Congratulations! You’ve single-handedly breathed new life into your relationship!

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'How to Get Respect, Reconnect & Revive Your Love Life'

This Free Webinar is step one on the path to regaining respect, connection and intimacy in your relationship. Watch in privacy, from the comfort of your own home and learn how to single-handedly make things great again.

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