I coach women to regain love, connection and peace in their relationships, even if things feel completely hopeless.

I work with women remotely, via Zoom, anywhere in the world.

I’m Coach Angela, New Zealand Laura Doyle Relationship Coach

I support women who want to save their marriage and make it thrive by restoring love, connection, and peace. I know you’re here because you place a high priority on your relationship. That is incredibly inspiring and I want to let you know…
you’re in the right place.

are you...


Feeling like your marriage is distant and lonely but you can’t understand why?


Finding there’s no romance or fun anymore?

Having painful, recurring arguments that you cannot resolve?



He says he wants to leave you, get a divorce, or there is another woman.


Doing everything, feeling exhausted and having to beg him for help?

Suffering from anxiety and depression because of your marriage problems?

you deserve to be...


In a relationship that is connected and loving and you have the skills to keep it that way.

Laughing together and feeling ‘loved-up’ and adored.

Equipped with the skills to help you deal with differing opinions so both of you get heard, creating peace and harmony.

You are his special one, and he treats you like a Princess.

Getting help and support from your husband.


Living your best life and have an amazing marriage at the same time!

Does this resonate with you?

I can help you single-handedly turn your marriage or relationship around.

Why me?

I've been where you are before - i know this works

Fundamentally, the story of my relationship started and headed in the same direction as that of most women I speak to. When things started out, my husband (boyfriend back then) and I were completely in love – he was the man of my dreams.  Then life happened, and things got challenging. I, like most other women, tried every trick and tool I knew to make things better. Nothing worked – it seemed hopeless. The problem was, I didn’t have the tools to turn things around until I found Laura Doyle and The Six Intimacy Skills™️.

If you are reading this, you are quite possibly feeling alone, disappointed, defeated and incredibly sad…just as I was. But I promise you – I’m living proof that can all change.

I am as happy as I’ve ever been now and you can have that too. I can show you how to turn your relationship around and regain love, respect and intimacy faster than you ever thought possible.

“I sit here on the same beach I did 12 months ago, and back then I was lonely and crying my heart out as my husband had told me he was going back to Melbourne without me. This time I sit here so happy, so loved and loving him and relaxed. Thank you for your work.”

Bronnie – Melbourne

How Can I Help?

Move your relationship from sUFFERing to thriving

One on One Relationship Coaching

Empower yourself and learn how to get the love, respect and connection back in your relationship. The internationally acclaimed Six Intimacy Skills you’ll develop will not just change your relationship – they’ll change your life. Contact me for a full relationship assessment or follow my proven pathway to relationship success by beginning with listening to my free webinar.


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Empowered Wife Workshop.
This will give you a real taste
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Your complimentary discovery call
(normally valued at $149) is
about realising your
relationship goals and planning
how to reach them.


This is where the magic happens!
Embark on a 6 month transformational
journey with Angela through fortnightly
relationship coaching sessions.

Coaching for Single Women

I coach and empower single women to confidently attract and find the right man for them.  We set goals, take the heartache, stress and frustration out of dating and make it fun again!

Is Coaching For You?

here's what you'll get from angela

Things might seem hopeless where you are but trust me, you are not alone. Previous clients have found they were able to turn their marriages around using The Six Intimacy Skills™️, in spite of having no success with marriage counseling.

Why? Because my coaching sessions include practical and transformative skills you can take away and use in your life and/or relationship that create instant positive changes. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Following an in-depth relationship assessment, I will coach, support and stand with you to fulfill on how you want your relationship to be.  I create a safe, neutral space for you to talk through your challenges and I will coach you on applying the Six Intimacy Skills™ to your marriage day by day. 

This proven system by Laura Doyle turned my tense, distant and hopeless marriage (of 12 years) around to connected, peaceful and loving again. I couldn’t believe the results.  And if I (and thousands of other women) can achieve that, you can achieve it too.

"I love this work. I am so loving discovering who I am as a woman that is distinct and different from my man. I am feeling so loved and nurtured by my husband since practicing the [Six Intimacy] Skills™ Angela is teaching me. I am very grateful. "

Linda – Christchurch


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